What is Blockage Treatment?

Nerve blockade; It is a modern and long-term solution to many types of pain, especially pain in the head and neck region. The purpose of nerve blockade; It is the injection of local anesthetic substances that have a long-term effect on the nerve fibers where pain occurs. In particular, very effective results are obtained in the treatment of chronic and severe pains such as trigeminal neuralgia, as well as headaches such as migraine and cluster type.

Migraine; Depending on the age and gender of the person, it can be different for everyone. While migraine attacks are less frequent and mild in men and women who have entered the menopause period; Attacks can be severe in young women who experience frequent hormonal changes. In these patients, drugs may not be sufficient to relieve pain. Similarly, drug treatment may be insufficient in people who complain of chronic or tension-type headaches. Nerve blockade is the ideal treatment option to improve the quality of life of these patients.

How Does Nerve Blockage Work?
Blocking the nerve pathways through which the pain passes reduces the excitation of the nerves. Thus, the person will experience fewer pain attacks and the intensity of the pain will decrease. Many patients who had nerve blockade reported that the pain they experienced after the treatment was at a normal level; He says that these pains are also very rare.