Brain, Nerve and Spinal Cord Surgery is a branch equipped primarily for the surgical treatment of central and peripheral nervous system diseases.

Kırıkkale Private Life Hospital Brain and Nerve Surgery Clinic; all interventions and surgeries related to the brain and nervous system; without compromising medical and ethical values, using the latest information and technology, qualified and successfully at international standards. By working with doctors who are experts in Neuroradiology, Neuroanesthesia, Neurology, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation and Psychiatry, the follow-up and treatment of our patients are carried out in a multidisciplinary manner. The operations are performed under the microscope and with microsurgical methods, and the post-operative intensive care services are modern in terms of both equipment and expert personnel. The latest techniques, up-to-date diagnosis and treatment methods are used in our clinic and hospital.

Major Diseases Treated in Our Brain, Nerve and Spinal Cord Surgery Clinic

Spinal Surgery (Spine Surgery):

-Lumbar disc herniation surgery (with microsurgical technique)

-Neck hernia (cervical disc herniation) surgery (with microsurgical technique)

-Spinal decompression and stabilization-instrumentation surgeries (spine calcification, spinal slip and fractures, recurrent lumbar hernia) (cervical, thoracic and lumbar)

-Spinal tumor (spine, spinal cord, nerve membrane and metastatic tumors) (cervical, thoracic and lumbosacral)

-Kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty (in spinal fractures)

-Spinal trauma surgery

Cranial Surgery (Skull and Neurosurgery):

-Head trauma surgeries

-Subdural, epidural and intraparenchymal hematoma (brain hemorrhage) surgeries

-Glial tumor (supratentorial and infratentorial brain tumor) surgeries

– Meningioma (brain membrane tumor) surgeries

-Hydrocephaly surgeries

Peripheral Nerve Surgery:

-Carpal tunnel syndrome (nerve compression in the wrist) surgery

-Ulnar nerve entrapment neuropathy surgery

-Other peripheral nerve entrapment neuropathy (nerve compression) surgeries

Pediatric Neurosurgery (Child Brain and Nerve Diseases):

-Hydrocephaly surgeries


– Tumors

– Congenital spinal closure defects (Treatment of diseases such as Meningocele, Meningomyelocele, split spinal cord)