Child Health and Diseases (Pediatrics)

In our Child Health and Diseases Unit of Private Yaşam Hospital, all necessary follow-ups and, when necessary, examinations and treatments of our children can be performed both in our outpatient clinics and in our hospital. Babies who are followed up from their mother’s womb are followed up with postnatal mental motor development, nutrition, vaccination and preventive medicine programs. In our hospital, special attention is paid to breastfeeding and special training is given to mothers in this regard. There is a breastfeeding room in our hospital so that our mothers waiting in the polyclinic can breastfeed.

In our unit;

  • Robust child tracking
  • Newborn follow-up
  • Growth and development monitoring in children
  • Vaccination and nutrition follow-up, correct nutrition recommendations
  • Follow-up and treatment of childhood diseases
  • Diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of infectious diseases in children
  • 1st Stage Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

services are provided