• In the emergency department of our hospital, service is provided 24 hours a day by physicians experienced in emergency medicine.

  • Experienced staff and necessary technical equipment to successfully implement all emergency interventions such as short-term observations, intensive care preparation, trauma and general injuries are available in the emergency department of our hospital.

  • It is possible to carry out emergency laboratory analyzes and radiological examinations 24 hours a day in our emergency service, which is equipped with modern medical equipment and experienced personnel.

  • Every patient who applies to the emergency department of our hospital is evaluated by the emergency doctor and nurse, the appropriate examination and treatment is carried out immediately, and if consultation is required, the relevant branch physician is ensured to intervene in the situation without wasting time.

  • Emergency service unit; It is supported by ambulance services with all kinds of equipment, doctor and technician staff for first response.

  • With the emergency call coming to the hospital, the ambulance team, which is ready for duty 24 hours a day, takes action immediately.

  • When the patient is reached, after the necessary interventions are made, he is transferred to the hospital in the safest and fastest way.

  • Emergency Service, which is one of the units ready to serve 24 hours a day, in the emergency department with its wide examination counters, treatment areas where emergency first aid can be made and its staff trained in emergency aid, in addition to surgical interventions such as all kinds of accidental injuries, burns, fractures; Emergency first aid is also performed in all internal branches, including heart diseases.

  • In the emergency unit equipped with modern medical devices, life assurance is provided to the patients with fast and effective interventions by our expert healthcare staff.