Dear Families Planning a Baby;

In line with your demands, we have prepared a very comprehensive delivery package that covers the entire pregnancy process.

As Yaşam Hospital, we are with you on this happy road.


What’s in the Birth Package?

Pregnancy Examination (10 Pieces). Each examination has a control period of 10 days.
Detailed Ultrasound
Blood Group, Hemogram, Glucose Fasting-Fought, Lower, Ast, Bun, Creatinine, TSH, Complete Urine Examination, HBS Ag, Anti HCV, Anti Rubella IgG, Anti Rubella IgM, Anti Toxoplasma IgG, Anti Toxoplasma IgM, Indirect Coombs test, Obstetric USG
Double screening test between 8-12 weeks
4-fold screening test between 16-20 weeks
24th week Sugar Loading Test
NST operation (5 Pieces)
Dietitian Examination (3 interviews in total, 2 during pregnancy and 1 postpartum)
Normal Birth (Optional Epidural Anesthesia Out of Package) or Cesarean Delivery
Baby’s first examination
Breastfeeding Education
Mini bar
Room Decoration
Photo Shoot
For Normal Birth and Cesarean Delivery, hospitalizations up to 2 days are included in the package.


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