Diet And Nutrition

Nutrition; It is the use of nutrients for growth, maintenance of life and protection of health. In society, nutrition is generally seen as a concept to be considered in case of a disease. However, studies have shown that improving individual diet and health practices reduces preventable diseases, disabilities and premature deaths. Nutritional deficiency and imbalance are direct causes of some diseases and indirect causes of others. Therefore, Kırıkkale Private Life Hospital Nutrition and Diet Department provides services on nutrition and diet in comprehensive diseases, individual diet programs and nutrition education.

Today, in the prevention of many diseases, during and after the disease, the nutritional status of the patient should be determined and followed with a personalized, adequate and balanced nutrition program.

Eating healthy is something that many people prefer nowadays. At the same time, when nutrition and sports are done together, your body will be stronger and you will be fed in a healthier way.

However, since eating healthy is not a diet, we must first determine the nutrition program that is suitable for your own body. In particular, it is necessary to stay away from foods that your body is allergic to and also foods that cause edema. Since dieting and eating right are not the same things, it is necessary to pay attention not to deplete the vitamins and minerals in your body while dieting.

What is Diet?

Diet is a process that is applied especially for people with excess weight to lose weight. In order to lose weight, you need to follow a nutrition program according to yourself. When you exercise and exercise together with diet, you will lose weight more easily. However, when you are on a diet, you need to determine a diet list according to your own body. In general, when dieters diet too often, the energy in the body runs out in a short time, and in this case, it harms the body. For this reason, it would be healthier to see a dietitian beforehand.

Who Is a Dietitian?

In order to become a dietitian, it is necessary to graduate from a 4-year department. When you become a dietitian, you can carry out not only the weight gain and loss process, but also the healthy eating process here. Dietitians do some tests for you and apply a nutrition program according to these tests.

Healthy Weight Loss

The most effective way to lose weight in a healthy way is to apply a proper diet. When you lose weight in a healthy way, your body will not sag and you will reach the desired weight. Losing as much weight as you need daily also ensures that your current weight is maintained. Losing weight in a healthy way is usually practiced continuously.

Personalized Nutrition Plan

A personalized nutrition program is only applied to individuals. The program belonging to someone else may not be good for you and this may harm your body. In general, if you are going to implement a program according to yourself, it is necessary to do this program on the recommendation of a doctor. It would be healthier for you to stay away from all the foods that you are allergic to and pay off.

Childhood Nutrition

Nutrition during childhood is very important. Every child should have a healthy and balanced diet. It is necessary to consume foods that are healthy in childhood. It is absolutely necessary to stay away from hamburgers or prepared foods and carbonated drinks. In general, it is advantageous to give more importance to foods such as vegetables and meat, which are important for every child. However, in some cases, children can be allergic to foods. In such cases, it is necessary to consume non-allergic foods.

Nutrition During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Proper nutrition of expectant mothers during pregnancy is very important in terms of getting the necessary nutritional sources for their baby. In this process, expectant mothers can consume healthy foods and ensure that their baby develops better.

During breastfeeding, expectant mothers usually get a program from their dietitian and prefer to apply this program. Weight gain is not common during pregnancy. Especially in the first 3 months, since there is a lot of nausea in expectant mothers, food may not be eaten in this process.

However, it is normal to gain a certain weight after 3 months. When a correct nutrition program is followed, expectant mothers will also be fed in a healthy way. In this process, instead of consuming ready-made foods, home-made foods should be consumed. Since snacks are not very healthy, it is also useful not to consume too much ready-made foods such as chocolate.

Diabetes Nutrition

Diabetes nutrition includes type 1 and type 2 nutrition rules. Type 1 feeding period is more common in children and adolescents. Since it is known as diabetes, it is necessary to eat carefully in this process. Type 2 nutrition type is applied for patients who have more weight loss problems. In this process, follow the diet list given by your doctor.