In case of any complication in newborn babies, proper and correct intervention is always very important. In the treatments required for the baby, all equipment must be fully present and the baby must be under the supervision of specialists. For this reason, we recommend neonatal intensive care units and hospitals for delivery.

What Services Are Provided in Newborn Intensive Care Units?
We need intensive care units in case of any immortality in newborn babies. In addition, even if you are faced with premature birth or multiple pregnancy, neonatal intensive care units will always help you. At the same time, the neonatal intensive care unit supports you in babies who swallow meconium in the womb, in organ damage during difficult birth, in large babies, in cases where the mother has diabetes.

These newborn intensive care units serve with devices produced with advanced technology. When neonatal intensive care units are needed in Turkey, you are also intervened with these devices. Land and air ambulances are at your service for all your neonatal intensive care needs. At the same time, doctors who are experts in their fields accompany you in your intensive care needs.

Neonatal Respiratory Support
Respiratory failure associated with preterm birth occurs as a result of insufficient development of the lung. Considering the possibility of encountering such events, a neonatal intensive care unit is definitely needed. Moreover, neonatal intensive care units are of great importance in terms of preventing any bad situation beforehand.

Neonatal Fetotherapy
In order to prevent the problem of jaundice in newborn babies, fetotherapy, that is, light therapy, is applied in neonatal intensive care units. You can also get help from the neonatal intensive care unit against this situation of your baby.