Neurology examines the anatomical and physiological features of the nervous system and its disorders and clinical syndromes that occur for various reasons. Today’s scientific developments are naturally reflected in neurology and subdivisions of neurology have emerged. Well-organized neurology departments are the organizations that can create this structure. Diagnosis and treatment of various neurological diseases can only be done by the neurologist group that can realize this cooperation in the best way. Kırıkkale Private Life Hospital Neurology Department continues on its way with this understanding.

In the Neurology Department, apart from routine outpatient and inpatient treatment services, nerve blockade treatments are applied, especially in the treatment of headache. When necessary, studies are carried out in close cooperation with the Medical Imaging, Neurosurgery and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Departments of our hospital.

Electromyoneurography (EMG) examination, which is an auxiliary diagnostic method in the diagnosis of conditions such as neuropathy, nerve compression and low back, neck hernia, etc., which mostly occurs with complaints such as hand and foot numbness, is performed in our clinic.

EEG (electroencephalography), which is used for the diagnosis, differential diagnosis and follow-up of some neurological diseases, especially epilepsy, is also performed in our clinic.

State-of-the-art magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), Computed tomography (CT), Echocardiography, Extracranial Doppler examinations are applied in our hospital to diagnose neurological diseases and make a treatment plan.

Follow-up and treatment of our patients in serious conditions such as coma, progressive stroke, and frequent recurrent seizures that endanger the patient’s life are carried out in the secondary intensive care unit with a multidisciplinary approach.


Diseases of Neurology Department

  • Headaches (Migraine, Tension headache etc.)
  • Cerebrovascular diseases (Brain hemorrhages, Brain vessel occlusions, etc.)
  • Vertigo (Dizziness)
  • Epilepsy (Sara)
  • Movement disorders (Parkinson’s disease, tremor, etc.)
    Demyelinating diseases (Multiple Sclerosis etc.)
  • Peripheral nerve diseases (Neuropathies, nerve compression etc.)
  • Muscle and neuromuscular junction diseases (Myasthenia Gravis etc.)
  • Neuralgias (Trigeminal neuralgia etc.)
  • Dementias (Alzheimer’s disease etc.)
  • Sleeping Diseases (insomnia, excessive sleeping, etc.)
  • Brain and spinal cord tumors and inflammations


Examinations Performed by the Neurology Clinic

  • Electroencephalography (EEG)
  • Electromyography (EMG)