What is Excessive Sweating?
Sweating; It is a normal function that ensures the body’s heat balance. It also helps to remove some toxins that develop in the human body from the body. In cases such as exercise, excitement, stress, physical fatigue, excessive consumption of spices, an increase in the amount of sweating can be seen, as well as an increase in sweating to regulate the increase in body temperature in hot weather. Sweating, which is a physiological function of the human body, is a serious problem for some people. In the disease called hyperhidrosis; Without any activity, regardless of the air temperature, excessive sweating is seen in certain parts of the body, especially in the hands, armpits and feet. Excessive sweating is a disorder seen in approximately 1 percent of Turkey’s population.


What are the symptoms of excessive sweating?
Excessive sweating without a specific cause is called primary hyperhidrosis. It occurs equally in both men and women. The average age of onset is usually around 25 years. However, hand sweating and foot sweating may start earlier. In order for the diagnosis of primary regional hyperhidrosis to be made, the patient must have regional and excessive sweating lasting at least 6 months, as well as the following symptoms:
-At least one sweating attack per week
-Sweating symmetrical
– Impairment of quality of life
-Occur before age 25
-Having a family history
-No sweating during sleep
Excessive sweating can cause psychosocial problems as it makes people very uncomfortable. Fungal infections are also common in areas with excessive sweating.

To Whom Is It Applied?
Treatment is for everyone except pregnant women, nursing mothers and those with certain neuromuscular diseases.