CATARACT surgery is performed without stitches with the most advanced method of phacoemulsification (FAKO). In this method, the operation is performed with a small incision of 2.5-3 mm in size by anesthetizing with a drop before the needle is inserted. It takes about 15-20 minutes. Patients can reach normal vision level in a short time.

In pediatric patients, routine eye examinations are performed in the neonatal period, eyeglasses and strabismus examinations are performed in preschool and school age. Strabismus operations can be performed in our clinic in necessary patients.

The diagnosis and follow-up of GLOCOM (eye pressure) is done in detail. Laser and surgeries are performed in necessary patients.


Applications made in our clinic

  • Computerized eyeglass examination
  • Digital glasses measurement
  • Eye pressure measurement
  • Biomicroscopy
  • Direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy
  • Pachymetry (measurement of corneal thickness)
  • biometry


Operations performed in our clinic

  • Cataract surgery (FACO)
  • strabismus surgery
  • Tear duct obstruction surgery
  • eyelid surgeries
  • Pterygium surgeries
  • Mass operations on the eyelid