We provide services with our expert and experienced staff in our fully equipped clinic for the solution of gynecological diseases and medical problems that women of all ages may encounter.


  • In our clinic, follow-up begins before pregnancy. During this period, tests and nutrition programs are applied to expectant mothers who are planning pregnancy.
  • Normal and risky pregnancy follow-up
  • Ultrasonographic examinations and follow-up of pregnant women
  • NST
  • Tests applied during pregnancy (double, triple and quadruple screening tests)
  • Detailed four-dimensional ultrasound and Doppler examination in pregnancy (Fetal anomaly-scan)


Types of Birth Applied in Our Clinic

  • Normal spontaneous delivery and episiotomy
  • Painless Birth-Delivery with epidural anesthesia
  • Cesarean section – Epidural/General anesthesia/ spinal anesthesia


  • Painful menstruation, menstrual irregularities and treatment
  • Treatment of recurrent and persistent groin pain
  • Detection of hormonal disorders and treatment of increased hair growth
  • Genital wart fungus diagnosis and treatment
  • Uterine enlargement, Myoma, uterine prolapse diagnosis and treatments
  • Cervical infection and cancer diagnosis
  • Diagnosis and treatment of ovarian cysts (Chocolate cyst)
  • Diagnosis and treatment of urinary incontinence and incontinence complaints
  • Diagnosis and treatment of polycystic ovary



  • Spiral types and application
  • Birth control consultation



Dear Families Planning a Baby;
In line with your demands, we have prepared a very comprehensive delivery package that covers the entire pregnancy process.
As Yaşam Hospital, we are with you on this happy road.


Doğum Paketi İçeriğinde Neler Var?

  • Pregnancy Examination (10 Pieces). Each examination has a control period of 10 days.
  • Detailed Ultrasound
  • Blood Group, Hemogram, Glucose Fasting-Fought, Lower, Ast, Bun, Creatinine, TSH, Complete Urine Examination, HBS Ag, Anti HCV, Anti Rubella IgG, Anti Rubella IgM, Anti Toxoplasma IgG, Anti Toxoplasma IgM, Indirect Coombs test,
  • Obstetric USG
  • Double screening test between 8-12 weeks
  • 4-fold screening test between 16-20 weeks
  • 24th week Sugar Loading Test
  • NST operation (5 Pieces)
  • Dietitian Examination (3 interviews in total, 2 during pregnancy and 1 postpartum)
  • Normal Birth (Optional Epidural Anesthesia Out of Package) or Cesarean
  • Delivery
  • Baby’s first examination
  • Breastfeeding Education
  • Mini bar
  • Room Decoration
  • Photo Shoot
  • For Normal Birth and Cesarean Delivery, hospitalizations up to 2 days are included in the package.


  • Early menopause diagnosis
  • Monitoring the hormonal levels of the menopause period
  • Bone resorption detection, Bone density measurement (BONE DENSITOMETRY)
  • Breast cancer screening (MAMOGRAPHY)


  • HSG (Medicated uterus film shooting)
  • Spermiogram (Sperm count and analysis)
  • Sperm washing and inoculation
  • Laparoscopic evaluation



  • Hormone analysis, serology, Biochemical analysis, Hemogram,
  • Urine analysis
  • Pregnancy test



  • Uterine surgeries (Abdominal and vaginal hysterectomy)
  • Caesarean section
  • Gynecological surgeries (myenectomy etc.)
  • Ovarian surgery (ovarian cysts)
  • Laparoscopic procedures (cystectomy, tubing)
  • Urine bag operations
  • Endometrial curettage and biopsy

It cooperates with Kırıkkale Private Yaşam Hospital Nutrition and Diet Department for its services.