Psychology is an academic and applied science that includes the scientific study of mental processes and behaviors.

Psychotherapy can be viewed as a type of communication designed to create positive change.

The Psychology department, which provides services with expert psychiatrists and psychologists, draws attention with its service quality. A high-level health unit has been established in all respects with its physical conditions, technical equipment and devoted employees.

Why Should I Go to a Psychologist?

Just as it is necessary to apply to preventive medicine, diagnosis and treatment services for physical health, it is necessary to receive support and treatment when necessary for psychological health. People may have a mental illness and need treatment for it.

Sometimes, psychologists are consulted for problems that are not at the level of illness. Psychologists can provide an easy way to overcome the difficult processes of life by counseling. Sometimes, it is ensured that family relations or other social relations are carried out in a healthy and successful way through therapy processes.

Psychologist support is important in the continuity of the inner peace, happiness and success of the person and in self-discovery.

Psychological Tests

When people apply to a psychologist, necessary evaluations are made by using psychological measurement tools to determine the situation they are in. With scientific methods and techniques, mental problems are detected and solutions are sought accordingly.

For the success in the detection and treatment of psychological problems, it is essential that the tests be carried out by experts and with sufficient facilities. The conditions here offer sufficient opportunities to perform psychological tests in the best way and to obtain the most accurate results.

Measurements and evaluations are at high standards and reassuring. Developmental tests and neuropsychological tests are performed with globally accepted techniques.


For Which Problems Can Apply to the Department of Psychology?

Services can be obtained from this department for psychological problems and diseases. The main problems that can be the subject of the application are:

  • Depression
  • Experienced psychological traumas
  • Eating disorders
  • Stress, excessive fussiness, shyness and similar problems
  • Problems related to marriage and family problems, relationship problems, child-rearing attitudes
  • Test anxiety, need for support in preparation for important exams
  • sexual dysfunction

You can get service from the clinic in all of these problems and in every subject related to human psychology.