Men and women can have sexual problems due to various reasons. The increase in the commitment and feelings of couples to each other depends on sexuality. It is an important tool of togetherness. In some societies, misinformation and prejudices cause anxiety and fear, especially among women.

Involuntary muscle tension, spastic contractions and sexual pain problems may occur in women who have various fears before sex. Involuntary contraction problems that occur in the genital muscles of women are called vaginismus.

Due to this disease, which is the fearful dream of many women, many couples cannot have intercourse or it is a very painful process for women. Women who have this problem usually run away from the relationship and bring about psychological and sociological problems.

What is vaginismus?

Well, what does vaginismus, which is one of the most striking problems among gynecological diseases, mean? In vaginismus, which is defined as the inability of a woman to have a healthy sexual intercourse against her will, despite her desire to have sexual intercourse, the woman contracts herself and prevents the penis from entering the vagina. This disease, which has nothing to do with the narrow or small vagina, is an involuntary contraction during intercourse. The muscles in the vagina, which have a flexible and muscular structure, contract uncontrollably and prevent sexual intercourse. Involuntary contractions can occur not only in the vagina, but also in the whole body. Women with vaginismus disease usually do not allow intercourse by closing their legs tightly.

What are the vaginismus treatment methods?

Vaginismus is a 100% treatable disease. The patient’s acceptance of the vaginismus problem and confrontation with this problem affect the success of the treatment. It is important for the person to be examined by an experienced and expert gynecologist in order to want to be treated and to get rid of negative thoughts in his head. However, the gynecologist alone is not enough in the treatment of the disease. Vaginismus treatment is a special situation that requires teamwork. In the first stage of the disease, the gynecological examination of the patient is performed to understand whether there is any structural problem. If the hymen is extremely hard and thick, the hymen can be removed to facilitate sexual intercourse. Afterwards, with the help of a psychologist and psychiatrist who are experts in sexual therapy, the symptoms of depression and the causes of sexual reluctance in the patient are examined. Cognitive and behavioral treatment methods can be applied to the patient by a team of experts to ensure a healthy sexual life.

Why Sexual Coupling Doesn’t Happen?

Couples want to have sexual intercourse, but the woman cannot fulfill this request due to vaginismus. The reason for not having sexual intercourse is that the woman experiences muscle tensions against her will and the intercourse does not occur.

The absence of sexual intercourse is not related to the smallness or narrowness of the vagina. It is completely dependent on involuntary contraction. The vagina has a muscular and flexible structure. Uncontrolled contraction of the muscles in this area and narrowing of the vagina prevent sexual intercourse.

Women who experience vaginismus may feel involuntary muscle contraction in their entire body as well as in their genitals. Women who are faced with this problem close their legs tightly when there is contraction and do not allow sexual intercourse.

Vaginismus is a treatable disease and when professional support is received, it can be treated in a short time and the problem of sexual intercourse between couples can be solved.

Vaginismus And Despair!

In the face of various problems that people encounter in their daily lives, they may fail as a result of some trials. As the period of failure or failure increases, people become discouraged and their belief in success gradually decreases. In women, when they experience the problem of vaginismus, they will not be able to have sexual intercourse despite their desire.

Vaginismus can occur as a learned helplessness for many women. But it is not an incurable desperation. In order to overcome desperation, it is important to stay away from incomplete and wrong information, and to find a solution with the help of a specialist doctor, not with external sensations.

Postponing the problem of vaginismus by saying that it will be resolved over time may unknowingly harm the couple and cause the relationship to break completely. If not treated early, problems of not being able to conceive may arise due to aging and aging. Therefore, vaginismus is not a helplessness but a treatable disease.

What are the symptoms of vaginismus and in whom?

Vaginismus is defined as the contraction reflex, which is the fearful dream of many women. When vaginismus is experienced, the woman does not allow sexual intercourse, even if there is sexual intercourse, it is painful and causes the woman to avoid this relationship.

In sexual intercourse, the feeling of pain and pain is constantly resolved.